10 times that Rashid Abdallah has proven to be the best dressed male News anchor in Kenya

Rashid Abdallah has cut his niche as one of the best News anchors in Kenya. From his days at QTV, later NTV and now at Royal Media services, Rashid has only left awe on the mouths of his viewers.

His fluent coastal swahili styled with Journalistic lingo makes him even a better swahili anchor than his counterparts.

In an unprecedented occurrence, Rashid joined his wife Lulu Hassan as a co-host during weekend primetime News bulletins.

This was a first one in the media industry. The couple has, however, been serving their viewers to nothing short of a well balanced rapport that combines both love display and professionalism.

In uncountable instances the couple has appeared on the screens donned in matching outfits

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah | photo COURTESY

Rashid Abdallah, is undoubtedly a smart dresser. His ability to switch different types of clothes and still command elegance is out of this world.

See instances that he has proven to be the best dressed News anchor in Kenya.

Photos courtesy: Rashid Abdallah Instagram.

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