19 year old Kenyan scientist working on a cure for Coronavirus

During his Saturday evening update on COVID-19 in Kenya, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe challenged the youths to take the front role in helping fight with Coronavirus. He called them to innovative and volunteer services to help deal with the virus in Kenya.

A 19 year old scientist, Dr Walter, of Scientific Inventions in Kenya has announced that he is in the process of getting a cure for the Coronavirus. The youthful researcher said he was full aware that the task won’t be easy but he will be eventually successful.

The young Doctor posted images of specimens and syringes full of concoctions which he said are part of his project. He on a separate post indicated that he had successfully extracted cell membranes from bats and was ready to embark on his research.

“I am working on corona virus cure . But viruses aren’t as easy as bacteria to treat. That’s because viruses are very diverse, with unique characteristics that can’t be targeted with a broad-spectrum drug like a general antibiotic”, posted Dr Walter.

Dr Walter with a bat at his lab|Facebook photo

The young doctor further explained how he will be conducting his project. With a seemingly adequate knowledge of viruses and how to control them, Walter, explained the possible antiretroviral drugs that can be mixed to kill the virus.

“Also, viruses use human cellular machinery to create proteins that help it replicate, so targeting the viruses while not damaging human cells can prove challenging,but through my research i discovered specific protein on the outside of human cells that the new coronavirus uses to gain entry,i was also able to find small antiviral dna molecules that can block the binding of the virus into cells” , explained Dr Walter

“This DNA can also be effective if it is combined with antiretroviral drug called Remdesivir,because it will act like a nucleotide — the building blocks for RNA — and squishes itself into the copied RNA sequence, and rendering it useless, it can also be combined with antimalarial drug that is chloroquine because Chloroquine blocks the virus’s ability to acidify endosomes and release its RNA into the cell”, Walter explained

“This is a critical step for most viruses to begin their infection.but this dna stem cells will also block viral replication it will also eliminate the virus from the body by destroying cell affected by viruses it will also repair cells damaged by the virus and activate killer to cells”, Walter summarised his post.

It is,however, not clear whether the project has been approved by the relevant authorities. It is also clear which samples of viruses he is going to use to test the vaccine on. If he is successful, however, this would be a great breakthrough in the fight against Coronavirus.

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