21-year-old lady bitten by a donkey while taking selfie in Giagatika, Mathira

A 21-year-old lady was yesterday rushed to TumuTumu hospital after sustaining injuries from a donkey bite.

Doreen Nyaguthii who had visited her upcountry relatives during the Christmas holiday was reportedly taking a selfie with the donkey grazing on the roadside.

According to eyewitness, Doreen went closer to the donkey, squatted a little and raised her phone to capture the animal on the picture.

The donkey charged towards her and bit her arm as she tried to shield her cheeks from the bite. It took the intervention of onlookers to save the bleeding lady from the beast of burden.

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Mrs Maranga who was the host said that she had rushed Doreen to hospital and she was dressed on the wounds.

This incident adds to the many wierd cases affecting urban people who had visited upcountry for Christmas.

Doreen who stays with her parents at Masiba Kayole said she was perplexed by the sight of a donkey and could not resist the urge to take a selfie with the animal.

She however says that she hadn’t anticipated a hostile response from the ass.

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