A 67 year old man arrested for attempting to conduct rituals at Moi’s grave ahead of his burial tomorrow.

Kabarak, at Moi’s home, masons and other workers were making the final touches at Mzee Moi’s final resting place.

The late president Daniel Moi will be laid to rest at his Kabarak home next to his late wife Lonnah Moi.

Police guarding the vast homestead today said they had apprehended a 67 year old man who had sneaked into the grave area and started conducting rituals.

Gen Sigei, who is the officer incharge of security at Moi’s home, said the man could not explain why he was conducting the rituals without the family’s knowledge.

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The old man only indenfied as Sawe is currently being held by the police. Elders said they were not aware that one of them was conducting such rituals.

“We have not been invited to conduct any rituals and are not aware of such a ceremony”, said Mzee Mutai one of the Kalenjin elders.

Among the items that were with Sawe at the Moi’s grave include a monkey skin, a calabash, flamingo feathers and an indentified liquid.

It is not clear, however, how the older man managed to manoeuvre unnoticed by the many security officers guarding the homestead.

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