A kenyan lady makes netizens shed tears with her amazing testimony.

An elated lady only indentified as Anna Ikandi, has moved netizens with her testimony.

Looking back 25 years, Anna narrated how her life and that of her family has changed. She posted a photo of herself, brother and the mother standing outside a mud walled house with grass thatched roofing.

Alongside the photo, were two photos of what appears to be a construction in progress. The gist of the photos was to show the transformational journey of her family.

Annah narrated how together with her brother, they were whipped by their uncle because of fetching water from his tank. With no option, they ahd to walk kilometres tp fetch water, a journey that would take them at least two hours.

Anna Ikandi and her family outside their grass thatched house |Photo COURTESY, Anna Ikandi Facebook

“25yrs ago I was beaten thoroughly by my uncle all because I fetched water on his tank…my family had those grass house so even in rainy days u had no option than to go fetch water on the nearest river which was like 2hrs going coming,” posted Anna.

Mkenya News has since acquired exclusive photos of the house Anna has managed to build for her family. The house which is not shy of 1 million sits at the same compound the grass thatched house stood.

In her testimony, Anna thanks God for hearing her cry to remove shame from her family. She declares that her cries of pain have now been converted to cries of joy because of Gods doings.

“Thanks to God he sees,hears n comes to rescue those who calls upon him.. the tears I cried that day reached him… today am crying tears of joy he changed my situation around…never mock anyone bcoz God alone holds our destiny,” posted Anna.

See the photos of their new house:

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