From riches to poverty:Hellen Muthoni narrates her life after father’s death|Mkenya News

You might have seen her on Inooro TV all smiley and happy but behind that beauty lies a story of determination and perseverance.

The riveting TV girl has also graced the screens with her soul searching gospel music and she is a perfect example of beauty with brains.

Muthoni is a gospel presenter alongside DJ Covenant on Rurumuka show which airs on Inooro TV every Sunday. She came to the limelight after her famous gospel song, Ningukuona.

In an interview with Gikuyu Diaspora TV, the gospel singer opened up on how her life drastically changed after losing her father in the 1998 bomb blast.

Describing her childhood, Muthoni was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth where she would be dropped at school and picked up in the evening but this changed for the worst after he father passed on unexpectedly. She and her four siblings were left under the care of her mom and instead had to move out from Nairobi to their rural home.

Gospel musician and TV host, Hellen Muthoni |Photo COURTESY

Even with all the difficulties she was going through, at the age of seven, Muthoni wrote her first lyrics. According to the singer, her father’s family chased them away from their home the same day he died.

After her mother fell ill, the celebrated gospel singer was left to take care of her younger brother. She attributes her strong faith to her grandmother who was a strong Christian and that helped her.

She went through a traumatic experience after she changed schools as she was mocked by teachers and fellow pupils, who previously knew of her past posh lifestyle, and she even ended up cutting her hair. Despite all the challenges she went through, her sister’s husband saw her through high school, something she is always grateful for.

Gospel musician and TV host, Hellen Muthoni |photo COURTESY

Muthoni has managed to record a couple of gospel hits with the recent one titled Ndimugure, featuring Mercy Masika. After her high school at Gataragua Girls Secondary school, she left the village for Nairobi to find a better life.

Muthoni is an inspiration to many for she has always encouraged the youth to work hard and things will get better. Recently during her homecoming in Nyeri, she started an initiative to mentor young ones especially in the world of music.

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