BBI: Treaties In History. Are They A Deadly Dance?

Before any alliance or treaty or alliance is formed, there have to be several mitigating factors that make it necessary. The alliance, therefore, is usually a last resort when other, often after more violent and disruptive means have been explored. This was the state of the nation at every point, especially after general elections. A series of talks and much needed mediation later,the matter boils down to an agreement that is often marked with a gentleman’s handshake much equivalent to child play pinkie promises.


However, besides this physical show of newfound peace is a set of things discussed by parties involved. In such cases, the peace agreement will come with all manner of terms and conditions that must be fulfilled to keep the order. These are the kind of treaties and alliances that have ended wars, put leaders into power and bound entire countries to regulations set by their forefathers that they have to observe in honor of the alliance agreements.

In this light, therefore, we should examine the political heat created by the impending release of the BBI report. Is this a cleverly orchestrated game aimed at further polarizing the country or is it based on a genuine concern for the longterm welfare of the country? Much has been said about its connection to the 2022 presidential race and as it were, there is no smoke without fire. However, what will the constitutional reforms mean for the nation in a decade or even a century? Once the key players are out of the scene what obligations will the citizenship be bound to and will it be for the developmental good of the country? Is this the result of another pact that was made or broken in the past that has trickled down to this?

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