Betty Bayo sets tough conditions for any man seeking a hand in marriage from her.

Ex-wife to a controversial city preacher, Ms Betty Bayo, has now sort to set record straight on the kind of man she is looking for. Betty who has now been single for a few years since her messy divorce with controversial preacher, Rev Victor Kanyari, took to her Facebook page to outline the characteristics of her future husband.

Betty separated with Kanyari at the height of his controversy which was a result of an expose by investigative journalist, now turned MP, Mohamed Ali. The expose laid bare the tricks used by the man of cloth to squeeze money out of gullible believers using fake miracles.

Ever since, Betty has been quiet on her love or marriage life until recently when she decided to write about herself on her widely followed social media handles. Betty has embarked on a series of posts that tell most of her untold things including her decision to move out of the marriage.


On Friday morning, she decided to respond to all the men who have been jamming her inbox with requests of hand in marriage from her. She, therefore, sort to cut the list of prospectors to size by setting her expectation on her future husband.

To start with, the beauty stated that the man should be God fearing. Betty is a Gospel Musician who has deep roots in Christianity. She therefore stated that this must the first and most important characteristic of any prospective suitor.

“My inbox is full of proposal to cut the list short here are characteristics of my future husband.
Apart from being born again and God fearing below is the list of quality of my future husband”, wrote Bayo.


1 Divorcee/single father ( bird of the same feathers )
2 High self esteem sitaki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have Mimi nshaovercome no crying babies
3 Not mamas boy no.
4 Be a tither in his church , no heavenly thief
5 Know English, we can’t both talk broken English my fans must see the different
6 Love my kids
7 Vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana I will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force
8 No shouting or violent. I love peace
9 No too serious I don’t want a boring life
10 Statement and original ID.

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