Betty Kyalo should take a break from the screens and work on her character-Opinion

Betty Kyalo has been a lady followed by controversy every step and she seems to enjoy every bit of it. This in my opinion is not the best thing for a lady who has worked so hard to build herself up the career ladder.

That Betty is a beauty with brains, is in no doubt. What is in doubt is how she has managed to wade in deliberate career destruction mud with sparing a moment to think of her past or future. Clearly, Betty is reckless with her reputation.

Last night, social medial was awash with her drunk video letting loose her locked depression to the world to see. A drunk Betty started with telling off critics who think she is not good enough.

She then went after bloggers who she told to “f*** off.”

“Many times people wanna bring you down. whoever is watching right now, I came from work, did my show…f**k everybody out there who thinks that betty is not good enough,” she said.

“I don’t care because i do my best and work so hard, i am a mum, not yet a wife but hopefully soon. i’m also a businesswoman so for anybody who’s gonna hate on this video and say Betty Kyallo spotted drunk f**k you!” an irked Betty continued.

Betty again told those who want her to be a role model to their children, the Up close By Betty host, said she is her child’s role model.

“They’re saying you can’t have fun because of wee ni role model. f**k that s***! i take care of my child and I’m her role model,” she said.

She also complained about the pressure that comes with the job.

“Whatever blogs are gonna say about betty, f*** off. the pressure in this f***ing career is horrible!,” she lamented.

Months ago, Betty was in a heated exchange with a media counterpart Ken Mijungu over her claims of negligence by her baby Daddy.In this mudsliding escapade she dragged her sister who acted as a proxy shortgun.

A month after, Betty would find herself in a humiliating battle with her former househelp. The househelp painted her as a bad boss, reckless drunk and a mother who has neglected her duties to her ailing daughter. This formed an online debate for months.

There are countless instances that Betty Kyalo has deliberately courted controversy causing herself career threatening injuries. This has tainted the image of screen beauties. It is time Betty Kyalo takes a break from TV screens and work on her character.

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