Blogger in trouble with Samidoh over bilious comment

Bloggers are known for their notoriety in trolling and rough comments especially on celebrities. One identified as Nguyo has met a tough nut in the name of Samidoh. The two were engaged in an ugly online spat on Friday over bilious comment by the former.

An appreciation post to the police officer who is also a Benga artist by a former Jubilee party blogger generated quite fast into an exchange between Samidoh and the blogger who rarely minces his words on his subjects.

Though the author of the post intended to appreciate Samidoh and his colleague both in the service and music industry, Mr Sammy Ngare, Nguyo took issues with them being singled out as special beings.

Ngugi Isaac who was the author attached a grid photo of the two cops and captioned it with his message aimed at heaping praises on them.

“These two gentlemen are my good friends. In a way they made me change my perception towards the police. Talking with the two you feel that brotherhood more than doubts”,read the post

Samidoh and Sammy Ngare

This was countered by Nguyo in a quick response where he challenged the special classification of the two cops. Nguyo argued that the two were not police officers but artists who were not engaged in day to day police activities.

He also argued that could they be working in the station ,like the rest of the police officer, they would probably be behaving like their colleagues in the police force.

“These are not police officers in the strict sense of the word. One has only 1 song, played in bars in central Kenya. The other is a comedian. Ever met any of them on the streets?. Ever met any of them at the OB reporting desks? They almost certainly would behave like their colleagues”, responded Nguyo

This response irked the Benga maestro who appears to have noted the bloggers obsession with him. The soft spoken Samidoh responded with a heavily worded paragraph calling him out for his outright malice and jealousy towards him.

Samidoh and his colleagues during a past function

“Hehe!!how many police stations have you visited yourself looking for us?This one song of mine has really disturbed your peace for so long now.I recall late last year you made a senseless post like this one(was your opinion though)targeting me and my diaspora fans,questioning how the one song has managed to give shows abroad.I dwell in favour and grace which a blind mind like you can never understand”,noted Samidoh

“Mark you u are not in my target group and i wonder how you got to know about me and my one song. I’ve never got a such informed hater who follows me to the toilet.How big is your hatred store?coz from your posts it seems nothing positive has ever happened in your life.You are too pessimistic and clearly,this is the last stage of becoming a witch.You are those evil spirits that cannot be driven away with prayers only. Nikii undihagia?” added Samidoh

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