BodaBoda riders outside Kakamega hospital sneaking into the hospital and eating patients food.

Bodaboda riders outside Kakamega hospital have been issued with a warning by the region police commander. This follows a widespread outcry from the patients in the hospital.

According to the patients, the riders sneak into the hospital and eat all the food brought to the patients by their relatives.

The nurse incharge on Monday afternoon informed our team that the riders targeted the wards with patients who are either elderly or who cannot move at all.

“They target the wards where patients cannot chase them. Most of the times they sneak in very early in the morning or in the afternoon when the patients are asleep”, said Ongachi

Some of the riders we talked to told us that the did not see anything wrong since they were helping reduce waste.

“We don’t snatch food from patients like chokoraa, we only take what has be left over by the patients. Besides they are given food by the hospital, we help them clear the one brought for them from home.”one of the riders told our correspondent.

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The hospital administration, however, said no any formal complaint had been raised with them regarding the matter.

“Our security team is very thorough and no one is allowed in unless it id the visiting hours. The hospital has a fence and no one can sneak in without the security noticing,” said the hospital administrator

This was disputed by most of the patients who claimed that it was possible the riders worked in cohort with the security personnel.

“They usually walk in with a lot of confidence. Sometimes they are courteous and ask us to share some food with them. But other times, they just come, pick any food available and walk out without saying a word” said another patient.

Patients have now resulted in hiding their food under the beds or covering it with bedsheets to avoid losing the food to the unthankful riders.

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