Chinedu dies from poisoning incident; hospital on the spot after negligence claims

The Nyeri Referral Hospital is on the spot after questions were raised over the facility’s response to an emergency case involving a patient who passed away on 22nd April 2020.

Edward Waithaka alias Chinedu, a youth mobilizer from Gacatha in Tetu, Nyeri county was reportedly admitted at the hospital after a poisoning incident.  The youth made a distress call after he was admitted, complaining of being neglected by the nurses.

Chinedu posted to a WhatsApp group that brings together Nyeri county leaders and other opinion-shapers from Tetu region. In the group, where both the Nyeri county governor and the deputy governor are members,  Chinedu posted a few minutes to 2.00 am that he has been admitted and was in critical condition. 

He tagged some of the leaders in the post and asked for help so he could be attended to. He said he had been admitted over a poisoning incident and he was in great pain. He also stated he was in the ward section but had not been attended despite being in critical condition. 

“Kindly requesting your help at this hour if you can. Edward waithaka chinedu.. Have been hospitalized at Nyeri County referral hospital.. Was poisoned and am having difficulties breathing and no doctor on sight am in ward 6 bed no 3… Kindly am begging “, posted Chinedu

For more than four hours, as the group members tried to make desperate calls to leaders, the man writhed in great pain, awaiting help from any quarters. Numbers were shared, calls made, but no help was forthcoming. 

“If you are awake and you know someone who can help, I will appreciate a lot… Can’t walk from my bed and am also having problems talking”, texted Chinedu after waiting for some time. 

The question of where the nurses were during the five hours of agony has been raised. It has also emerged that no doctor was available to respond to the emergency situation despite calls being made from high offices. 

Waithaka passed on the following day in the afternoon, raising the question of whether he would have died if his situation was handled better and faster. The youthful community mobilizer was involved in many charity activities and was well known to leaders. 

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