Churches have been closed, take your corrupt money to hospitals now- Babu Owino to William Ruto

Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has taken a swipe at the Deputy President. The firebrand ODM lawmaker has asked Ruto to extend his ‘generosity’ to hospitals that are not well prepared to fight the corona pandemic.

Ruto has been umpteenth times criticised for giving loads of cash to churches. Opposition MPs often refer to his cash as dirty money that he launders through offering tithes.

In his defence, Ruto and his footsoldiers insist that he loves churches and gives clean money. They often cite jealousy among their stingy opponents.

According to political commentators, Ruto has mastered the art of hoodwinking voters through the huge cash harambees he does weekly.

“He knows where their hearts lie and gives them what they want. His generosity is well calculated and his money will translate into votes come 2022. The clergy control alot of votes and appeasing them is a good scheme”

Kenya’s second in command has suspiciously taken a backseat. He has not been seen lately in public even as the country faces a hard time. This has led to questions among Kenyans asking if he is still powerful as before.

The government has been providing daily updates on corona cases. All the updates addresses are done by Health CS or the President. Uhuru’s deputy, who used to accompany him to pressers, has suspiciously taken a low profile and is nowhere to be seen.

As reported by Habari sasa.

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