Daring thieves steal a police station gate in Bungoma

Police in Bungoma have launched a manhunt of unknown people believed to behind disappearance of Bungoma police station main gate.

The incident which happened a week ago only came to the limelight when the police started questioning several persons of interest and who are believed to have leads to the daring thieves.

According to a source, police believe that the thieves were part of a group which had visited the police station on Friday afternoon to follow up on a case involving one of the boda boda rider.

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“They have started questioning the Bodaboda guys and have even arrested one. They believe the thieves are from just around this area”, a source told Mkenya News.

This is a daring move which has been attributed by many to excessive bhang consumption around the Bungoma region.

A village elder told Mkenya News that there was excessive use of marijuana in the region and if indeed there was such an incipient at the police station, it had a direct link with the use of the drug.

“Many boys in this area are using (sic) bhang. They are doing things that are leaving us in great shock. They steal anything just to get money to buy drugs”, Mzee Omulando opined.

Attempt to reach the station for an update on the issue were futile as the officer incharge was out for another case.

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