Don’t be in hurry to pay your loans until we pay China’s loan, Babu Owino tells students.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament and former student’s leader, Hon Babu Owino has urged the students to apply for Higher Education Loans. This is after the government through Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) advertised for loan applications for TVET students.

The outspoken leader asked the youths not to, however, be in a hurry to pay up the loans until the country settles China’s loan.

Babu Owino addressing students outside SONU offices|FILE PHOTO

The government of Kenya owes China more than 350B. The growing debt level has been a topic used by many leader to call government in order.

Hon Babu took to his Facebook page to share the HELB advert and also took the chance to render his advice on the repayment of the same.

HELB has advertised Loan offers to students in Tertiary and Vocational training institutions. Students will be awarded loans of up to 40,000 per year.

This will boost the education levels as most students who rarely access higher education owing to finance shortage will have an opportunity to further their studies.

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The TVET trainees loans are mentioned to be an enabler to the Big 4 agendas of the Jubilee government.

A notice by HELB on TVET loans|COURTESY

It is not the first time the MP has given outrageous advice to comrades. During the first Visit of president Obama as a sitting president in Kenya, Hon Babu Owino vowed to mobilise 30 virgins to urinate on the memorial tree planted by Obama when he was Illinois Senator, if he didn’t give an address at the University of Nairobi.

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