“Don’t involve us in your BBI nonsense” Akurino General Council disown’s Karangu’s BBI song

The Akurino General Council, a body which brings all Akurino together has distanced itself from a BBI song produced by one their members.

The song which was released early last week has seen the sect receive trolls for venturing in political shenanigans, an area they are not known to participate.

“As Akurino, we are known for blessing people with our Holy spirit inspired songs not entertaining people with politically motivated songs” a statement from the council read.

Karangu wa Muraya, a popular MC and Gospel musician had incorporated the services of other musicians, Charles Konde and Akurinu Gospel musicians chairman, Ayub Jacob, to praise the former prime minister Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta for coming up with the BBI.

Apostle Ayub, Charles Konde and Karangu wa Muraya|PHOTO COURTESY

The musicians have faced lot of backlash from their supporters.

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“As much as we respect the musicians freedom to express their opinions, it is wrong for them to construe that their opinion is the position of all Akurino” read the statement.

The council has more than 3M registered adults from across the country.

“When the right time comes, we shall let our position known like we have done before. We support all government initiatives to bring people together and we shall continue praying for the country” stated the statement signed by the leadership.

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