Distressed Bungoma Doctor discovers wife sired child with mpango wa kando, did not adopt him

A 67 year old doctor in Bungoma is in distress after his wife reportedly cheated on him with his friend. 

The Doctor, in a viral video, explained to police officers that the man in question had sired a child with his wife and colluded with his wife to cover the truth from him. In an emotional explanation to the police, he said that his wife lied that she had found the baby abandoned at the hospital where she works.

“I have two other wives, but what these two have done to me is painful”, he said emotionally.

According to the doctor, attempts to have the woman surrender the child to  Children Welfare were futile. She declined, saying she was in a position to raise the child as her own. 

It was not until the doctor found the two lovers dead drunk in his compound that he discovered their affair. In his defense, the friend told him that the woman had assured him that she and the doctor were separated which is why they conducted the affair.

“You are lucky I didn’t have a gun. I would have shot this man. He has done something so painful and wrong to me. He is my friend and I have texted him to tell him how deeply he has hurt me”, the doctor told the police. 

It is not clear, however, how old the child in question is. According to sources the doctor and his estranged wife have not been living together for some time now.

Attempts by police to have the matter solved at that police station were met with resistance as the doctor insisted on an out-of-court settlement. 

“I am not going to the police station right now. There are a few things I want us to agree with this man right here”, the doctor said.

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