Drama as Census enumerator in Murang’a shows up drunk and urinates on the carpet.

There was drama in Makuyu town in Murang’a county on Thursday night. A couple called the police after an enumerator conducting census showed up dead drunk and started meting drama on the young couple.

The middle aged enumerator knocked on their door and introduced himself as a census official. However, instead of starting of the exercise, he jumped on the sofa with shoes on and covered himself with the loose covers.

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The owners of the house tried waking him up but he was dead asleep. It is after the husband of the house vigorously dragged him from the seat that he woke up and relieved himself on the carpet soaking the woolly floor with deep stench of liquor.

This prompted a confrontation between him and the house owners leading to police being called in.

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The police established that he had left his census electronic devices at his girlfriend’s place and hence had not gone for an official duty at the house. He was further treated at Murang’a hospital to stabilize his intoxicated self so that he can stand trial in court in Friday morning.

The enumeration exercise which closes on Saturday night has been not short of drama. In Githunguri, Kiambu county, medics had to be called in as a lady fainted upon husbands confession of having another wife and children outside marriage.

Another begrudged male in Kisii bite a finger of an enumerator. It is not clear what the motive was.

In Naivasha, a cleric with the Akorino faith and his wife have been arrested after blocking enumerators from counting them. They locked themselves in their houses in Gatamaiyu village and defied orders from police to open their door.

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