Forget Jackie Maribe, here are beautiful photos of Jowie’s baby mama who took him back after leaving jail

Murder suspect, Jowie Irungu, has for the first time broken his silence after leaving prison. Jowie, who has now turned into Gospel Music, was speaking to media personality Jalang’o in an exclusive interview.

During the Interview, Jowie explained that he separated with former TV presenter, Jackie Maribe, while he was still in prison.

“I decided not to keep in touch with her. We therefore broke up while I was still in prison. We talked about the separation thing and we both let everything go”, said Jowie.

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie

Jowie had been dating the TV girl for years and even proposed to her in a romantic scene that brought Jowie to the public eye for the first time. The two were living together and even had mutual friends before they were charged with murder of Businesswoman, Monica Kimani.

In the Friday afternoon interview, Jowie revealed that he is now married and a proud father of a beautiful daughter. Mkenya News has now learned that the beautiful wife is none other than Elena Musangi Ndambo.

Musangi is also Jowie’s manager and baby mama. The two had a daughter before Jowie dated Maribe. After he left prison, the two got back and decided to settle together.

The couple’s daughter has been the talk of the week after she was featured in the newly released video of “Nishikilie” song by Jowie.

Here are photos of the sexy model who is now the love of Jowie’s life.

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