Fresh details of how a Nakuru doctor murdered his two children with a needle and syringe.

In a murder most foul, Dr. James Gakara who is a well-known doctor within Nakuru town killed his two children aged Three and Five by injecting them with a drug believed to be insulin.

Gakara is said to have had a disagreement with his wife who was in Nairobi during the incident.

According to Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri, who confirmed the incident, the police were tipped off by the public of a disturbing commotion coming from the doctor’s house. Police rushed to the scene and found the two kids lifeless and their father struggling to breathe.

“We received a tip-off from the public that there was a commotion in a nearby house along Kilimani area. We immediately dashed to the scene and found the lifeless bodies of the two children in the house. Their father was still breathing,” Kiraguri said.

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Police however did not diverge on what the disagreement between Gakara and his wife was about.

Gikara will be charged with the murder of his two children and attempting to commit suicide. In Kenya, attempted suicide is against Chapter 63, section 226 of the Penal Code, which stipulates that any person who attempts to kill himself or herself is guilty of a misdemeanor.

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