From being a bodyguard to a leading News Anchor- Ken Wakuraya tells his story

Born in Ndaragwa to a single mother, Wa Kuraya is a last born of 5 siblings. After clearing his secondary education at Ol Kalou High school, he wanted to open a barber shop but the popular actor sought business in Nairobi and worked in a pharmacy.

Wa Kuraya had a proclivity for the arts: “I used to love performing poems. I wrote a few for Taifa Leo. I joined the legendary Wahome Mutahi (Whispers) and did a few performances. That made me quit my job at the pharmacy to begin acting.”

“I got an acting gig for one of Kenya’s largest banks. Sadly, they decided to pay me less than I expected and that made me bitter. That’s when I decided to quit acting,” tells Wa Kuraya.

He decided to sell mitumbas, panties and socks, also worked in house construction. However, he could not make enough money to pay rent for his Kayole house and he was evicted.

“We acted with our construction clothes, people thought that was a trend we were starting but it was not. We acted with those clothes because we did not have a choice. I became a river road celeb,” recounts a smiling Wa Kuraya.

                                                                                 KEN WAKURAYA|PHOTO COURTESY

With time, he produced his own show, Tafadhali Tigera Hau, available in DVDs and VCDs and Wa Kuraya made a hefty sum from the show. Shortly after, opened a production shop on the same street.

Wa Kuraya walked into Fanaka Arts Theatre, and with time he begun landing roles. As he was acting, he was recruited at a private security firm, Panza Protection, where he trained in cross-protective operations. Unknown to many, Wa Kuraya is a certified bodyguard

                                                                KEN WAKURAYA|PHOTO COURTESY

“I was introduced to the opportunity by a friend who hosted karaoke at a bar. She heard that the show was scouting for actors and she told me to try my chances,” says the talented thespian. The auditions went well and he landed the Tahidi High role, which he has held for the past two years.

The two years of TV acting prepared him for the next stage of his TV career as a news anchor. When Wa Kuraya heard that Royal Media Services was opening a Kikuyu TV station, he decided to give it a try and he became Inooro Tv’s prime time news anchor.

The hardship Wa Kuraya faced gave him a heart for giving back to the community, so he started a charity called Nafsi- Touch a Heart. The organization mainly works with children’s homes. He is a proud father of two.


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