Gospel musician, Betty Bayo gifts her mother with a 3.5M brand new house

Celebrated Gospel artist Betty Bayo surprised her mother over the weekend with a brand new house of an estimated value of 3.5M shillings.The house sits on a 1/2 acre piece of land in Kiambu.

The “Eleventh hour” hit maker said that she decided to give her mother the house as a promise she made to take her mother out of the life of tenancy.

Betty was born and raised in Kiambu at Kangoya village. Her childhood life was characterized with abject poverty and shared a single room with her mother and other siblings.

Betty, whose real name is Beth Wairimu Mbugua, cut a niche in the celebrity world when she dominated the Kikuyu music industry when she was barely 19yrs old. Betty, who has previously been mistaken for Esther Wahome, was born in the quiet villages of Banana area in Kiambu. Her childhood life was spent in Gilgil, Njambini and Ol karau. Due to the constant movement of the family, she attended different primary schools and a total of four secondary schools. Some of those schools include kitale primary school in Gilgil and Mugutu primary in Ol Karau.

Gospel Musician, Betty Bayo |PHOTO COURTESY

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In a previous interview, Betty said that she acquired the name “Bayo” as a nickname from back in highschooo. She was good in Biology (Bio) simply pronounced as “Bayo”. And other students referred to her as “The Bio(Bayo) girl”. She later picked it as her stage name.

Being the last born in the family of eight, she claims to know even the smell of poverty. Her mother who was a housegirl in Thindigwa raised them in a single room in Kangoya in Kiambu. The only valuables in the house were a stove, a bed, several mattresses, mitungi’s and curtains. The only time she sat on a sofa was after she got her own house in Nairobi area. The first time her song was aired on Tv, she had to go to a neighbours place to see herself.

A brand new house |PHOTO COURTESY

While in Kiambu at Kangoya, she joined a Church where she would later join the praise and worship. A Lady she only refers to a Carol, who was the praise team leader, noticed her talent and encouraged her to sing. After a successful fundraiser at the church, she was able to record her first song “Eleventh hour”. The shy village girl was now a celeb. Ever since, her star in music has continued to shine .

Later she met with her first love, who would later become a stain in her ministry, Prophet Dr. Victor Kanyari. The controversial prophet who was exposed badly by the now Nyali Mp Mahamed Ali in an exposé dubbed “Makri ya Injili”, shared matrimony with her for over 2 years before Bettie moved out of the marriage. Asked if she was privy to her husbands conmanship, she said Kanyari was a secretive man and they never shared a church.
Bettie is a registered member of Redeemed Church in Donholm while her (Ex)husband ran his own church. After weeks of trolls and humiliation, as a result of the exposé, Bettie went for a very long ‘Music tour’ in diaspora only to come back with her 2nd born in her arms and a lighter skin. She was fast to dispute claims of bleaching and attributed the change to good eating habits, changer of weather and peace of mind.

Gospel Musician, Betty Bayo |PHOTO COURTESY

On 25th November last 2017 when her son turned 2 years, she confirmed that she had left Kanyari and was dating someone else. “Happy birthday to me and my adorable son … the last thing I wanted was to bring you and your sister out of the family setup. If you want you can call me a strong woman .. I have been single looking for a man .. I have been married trying to keep a man. And now dating a man ..and finally, a mother trying to raise a man ….”, read a post on her Instagram.

Having trounced the blunts of a shaky marriage, Betty released several songs including “Ngoma Nduguika Experiment Nanii”, which she addressed Satan not to try experiments with her. Bettie recorded “Starring” referencing herself just like a star in a movie, who still emerges victorious even at the height of tough action. With over six hit albums on her names, a good number of hit collabos and a good number of awards, Betty can only be described as a conquerer.

It could be the triumphant journey that could have made her decide to bless her mother who has stood with her all along. During the handing over and dedication of the house,Betty was franked by other Musicians including, Ben Githae, Loise Kim, Shiru wa GP, Jane Muthoni, Wanyoike ‘ndigukua’, Mubea Paul among others.

In an event that was emceed by Mubea Paul and Ben Githae, Betties Mother was not only showered with praises but also cash gifts and valuables.

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