Guardian angels exist. See what Ezekiel Mutua did to a Kisii lady during his burthday

The KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua, commonly referered as the Kenyan Moral cop, is largely know for his contreversial stand on online content.

His stringent position on same gender relationships and marriage has seen him trend for the wrong.

Unknown to many, however, Mutua is a God fearing man who has a heart for helping the needy. He is equally humble and has immense love for his parents.

KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua

Last saturday during his birthday, Mutua decided to touch the hearts of a few individuals in the society instead of enjoying with family. The KFCB boss, took to his facebook to narrate how he split 100K among needy cases.

“Last Saturday was my birthday and I chose to mark it quietly and without spending a coin on myself or my family, not even my parents. Instead of treating myself to some luxurious things, I set aside One Hundred Thousand Kenya Shillings from my salary to share with the poor and the needy, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic”, wrote Mutua.

“I had a friend who has been sick for months and her electricity was being disconnected. She had huge arrears and needed 20k to pay to avoid being plunged into darkness. I had another friend stranded in Rwanda and needed 22k to top up and buy a ticket home through an evacuation process organized by Jambojet. A former collegemate from my undergraduate who lost his job and needed 15k to start a fruits and vegetables business”, added Mutua.

It is however his acts of compassion to an unidentified Kisii lady that has formed the talk for the best part of Sunday morning.

KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua

Mutua gave the lady 7,000 because her family didn’t have something to eat. The lady, in her own wisdom, decided to buy food with some amount and invest the other amount.

“I realised she was a friend to a good friend of mine and after doing a background check I decided to send her 7k. She responded very graciously and said she would buy food to feed her son for one month”, wrote Mutua.

After one week, the lady sent him a text message expressing her gratitude and her achievements from the money given by Mutua.

Attaching a cafeteria Menu book, the lady explained how she was able to rent a stall and establish a food joint. The joint picked up quite fast since there was a construction site that came up after she set the stall up.

Menu book as shared by the lady to Ezekiel Mutua

Read the text below:

“Today I woke up praying for u…I honestly did and I think I’ll do it for the next year’s am breathing…u remember that day I told u I didn’t have supper and u came thru for us….I used 1600 for some one two and had 5400 in cash!!!on my way home I saw some mabati vibandas..all new…I stopped the motorbike guy and wanted to see what kind of hustle they can accommodate… apparently …out of the four of them…only one had remained…I asked the owner how much they go for….I was shocked….they told me 2500/….but u pay rent and deposit 🤔 so that was 5k!!!! to those vibandas…a mjengo is starting this week ,….a hospital is set to be constructed as from Monday…and u know what…I paid the 5k!….
Went home…though and thought…besides that construction that’s is set to start…so many luos guys do welding around that place….and my mind’s told me…I should do a kakibanda for githeri..uji..chai..and ugali mix for those guys 💜so yeah….am here…becoz of you 🤔…if I don’t ever meet u ..just know some kisii girl prays for u everyday…!!!!…”

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