Henry DeSagu earning more than Governors, see the amount he earns per month

Henry Desagu, born as Henry Ithagu Kibicho is an online sensation who has cut a niche in the comedy industry.

Unlike the mainstream and standup comedians, Desagu has ventured in the online content creation. He was among the pioneers of online content creation together with Jamo yule Msee and Njugush.

On Wednesday, Desagu was ranked among the Top Youtubers in Africa. In a survey that listed at least 100 top Youtubers in Africa, Desagu was the only Kenyan YouTube content creator recognized.

Henry Desagu with KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua |Instagram Photo

What may shock many is the amount of money the humble comedian pockets every month.

Mkenya News has since learned that Desagu pockets close to 1Million shillings per month with about 750,000 being from YouTube content.

For the month of August, the comedian who first hit the public limelight after a video of him mimicking an eyewitness in complex English vocabularies went viral, earned a whooping 813,000 from YouTube content alone.

Henry Desagu poses in one of Motorhub vehicles|Instagram Photo

Desagu has several endorsements from companies and brands giving him extra revenue. For instance, Desagu is the brand ambassador for the Motorhub, a motor vehicle selling company in Kiambu road.

In a previous interview, Desagu opined that the lucrative deal with the Motorhub company was a turning point in his career. The deal was so good that when he was called for the offer, he thought it was a prank.

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