Her family had even started preparing for her burial; Musician Jane Muthoni’s untold story

Many know her as JANE MUTHONI, a household name for local gospel music lovers. Born in Gatundu and raised by a single mother, her journey to being an Icon hasn’t been easy.

The musician who tied knot just recently with her long time fiance laid her life bare in a recorded interview with the Kikuyu Diaspora TV, an online TV which connects the Kikuyu Diaspora community with the Kenyan affairs.

At times, Jane explained, a tear falls from her eyes when her past is mentioned.

She schooled in Gachoka primary and transferred to other schools with a final stop being in Narok where she did her KCPE. She admits that she didn’t finish her ‘O’ levels but instead secured a job as a house help in Nairobi Makongeni area where she was paid 300 per month. The salary was later revised to sh 320.

She later secured a job as waitress in a small hotel in Gatundu with a salary of 1,000 per month. With other siblings and a single mother to take care of, she was prompted to look for another sustaining job. It is around that period in 1995/96 that she met her relative Ben Githae who inspired her to sing.

She recalls that 3 months after Githae sang his first song, she walked to Nairobi to meet Joseph Kamaru at a crusade in Uhuru Park. Mzee Kamaru gave her an empty cassette tape where she recorded her first song “GIAGAI NA HINYA’’ in 1996.

Most of her songs were inspired by what she was going through. For example she used to work at Ben Githae’s grandfather poshomill as a sweeper. Ben Githae was the mill operator at Gatundu. She would sweep all the maize flour on the floor every evening which she would cook and share with some of the siblings in the evening. This prompted a phrase in her song ‘’ndatuire githi-ini kia mutu hataga ruitiki’’

On another instance a man she had rejected a hand in marriage spread a false rumor that she was dead, not ones but severally. When she travelled home with her husband, ‘mourners’ scampered to safety for they hadn’t seen anyone resurrect before. She was admitted to hospital after that shocking experience prompting a fresh round of rumor that she had died of heart attack.

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A combination of her tribulation led to her hit album ‘’MATERETHA’’. And later ‘’Geria Ringi’’ which calls people not to despair but keep trying. The song video, which is less than 1 year old, has more than 1.2M views on YouTube and more than 250K copies sold.

With over ten albums and music ministry spanning over 20 yrs, Jane Muthoni stands uncompromised in spreading the Gospel. Her latest Song “NDUNGIHANANIO’’ praises God who she has come to realize is undefeatable.

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