Housegirl poops on employer’s bed for delayed salary in Uthiru

There was drama in Uthiru,  Muthua area as a housegirl did the unexpected.  Miss Jane khatioli, who has been a househelp of an ILRI employee reportedly pooped on her employer’s bed.

Khatioli, 24 years,  is said to have requested that her salary be released earlier this month since she had a project she was running with her sisters at home. The employer, however, claimed that it was not possible to pay her earlier than the fifth day of the month.

This is said to have angered Khatioli.

“When I came back from work, I was met by a smell similar to that of a fresh poop”, the employer told our correspondent.

Khatioli covered one of the two heaps with bed sheets and the other heap was left bare between two pillows.

According to the employer,  the white bed sheets were badly soiled as it appeared khatioli had stepped on the bed while pooping.

“There was a wet patch on the sheets. I suspect she also peed on my bed”, the surprised employer explained.

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Neighbours described Khatioli as a quiet and humble lady who rarely got angry.

Mrs Waithera, the landlady, said that Khatioli was very cool and was a sunday school teacher in a local church around Muthua.

Khatioli is further said to have disappeared from the house after the shameful act.

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