How Moses Kuria and Murkomen almost stopped reggae in Meru

On Saturday afternoon during a BBI rally held at the Kinoru stadium in Meru, Senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Moses Kuria made a close attempt to stop reggae.

The BBI rallies that are anchored on the slogan “Nobody can stop reggae” are lead by former Prime Minister and opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga. The rallies are held per region with Meru hosting the Mt Kenya rally.

The rally kicked off with a unique order as opposed to many BBI rallies which are marred with poor cordination and breach of protocols.

Uncharacteristically unique, the National events MC, Sammy Lui, was the main master of ceremony.

Moses Kuria and Murkomen entry into the stadium

All was well until the Gatundu Mp, Moses Kuria, made a triumphant entry in company of the senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen. Their arrival interrupted the proceedings with the crowds cheering as the two waved at them.

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It is the speech by Kipchumba Murkomen that stirred the crowd. The senator who is a known critic of the BBI process called out Raila Odinga for hypocrisy and conmanship.

“If we are true about BBI, we must stop conmanship. Politics of conmanship are dangerous,” said Murkomen amid cheers from the crowd.

Murkomen further accused Raila of dishonesty on matter of the handshake. He claimed that Raila can not allude to having a handshake with a president who he doesnt recognise to be validly elected. Raila Odinga has in many instances accused Uhuru Kenyatta of competing against himself since Raila boycotted the election.

Murkomen addressing the crowd at Kinoru stadium

The outright dressdown to the BBI proponent and champions caused a wild cheer from the crowd.

Immediately after his speech, Murkomen accompanied by Moses Kuria walked out of the podium causing another interruption. Majority of the crowd walked out together with the duo leaving the stadium nearly empty.

Speaker after speaker accused the two of disrespect and intentional disruption of the rally. Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya accused the two of being proxies to Deputy president William Ruto.

Kipchumba Murkomen, however, refuted claims that he stormed out of the meeting. He stated in a tweet and a facebook post that he had followed Moses Kuria out since he didnt have his own vehicle and needed a lift.

“It is not true that I stormed out of the Kinoru BBI meeting.Moses Kuria who gave me lift was leaving for another engagement.I had no choice but to follow.I also had parental duties in my children’s school.I apologize that wanachi followed us out of the stadium.” Wrote Kipchumba Murkomen.

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