How the military humiliated Matiang’i during Moi’s body viewing at Parliament building

About 213,000 Kenyans turned up to view the body of the late president Daniel Moi which was lying in state at the parliament building from Saturday.

Among the many Kenyans who turned up was President Uhuru Kenyatta. President Kenyatta viewed the body of Moi at 10.00 am and proceeded to condole with the family at a private holding room.

Sources close to the president opined to us that President Uhuru wanted a private moment with the Moi’s family.

The interior coordination cabinet Secretary, Dr Fred Matiang’i, who was incharge of cordinating a multi agency team in planning the burial of the president Moi, was barred from accompanying president Uhuru to the holding room.

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Sources claim a little drama ensued as the cabinet Secretary tried to talk his way in. The Military Generals who had taken ove the whole building operations stood ground and Matiang’i had to wait outside.

In a dramatic turn of events, Deputy president William Ruto was allowed in even though he didn’t take long in the meeting.

It has been speculated that Matiang’i was turning more powerful than the Deputy president.

President Uhuru is said to have taken over the burial preparations taking the duties from Matiang’i. It is not clear yet whether the denial of entry for Matiang’i was sunctioned by the head of state himself.

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