Hundreds of Kenyans attend a sex party in Limuru tea plantations

In what appears to be the highest levels of life risking, hundreds of Kenyans turned up for a party at Kiawaroga, Kiriraini in Limuru. This is despite the government ban on any form of social gathering.

According to eyewitnesses, the group which comprised male and females partied in the tea plantation with their vehicles parked in a line playing loud music.

Residents decried that the group was vulgar and kept shouting during the afternoon event. The expansive tea plantation played host to the hundreds of Merry making group.

Limuru tea plantations where party took place

According to Evangelist Mercy Nungari, who is a resident, the group engaged in sexual activities in the tea bushes and drunk alot of alcohol. She claimed that the group neither practised the social distance nor did they attempt to prevent themselves against Coronavirus.

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Nungari would later post on her Facebook page a condemnation post to the activities that took place on the tea plantations. She also attached a video of the group engaging in the reckless acts of merry.

“😭😭😭😭why now kenyan at this time?? This is how it was in kiawaroga ,karirana and environs limuru rd where people camped and partied leaving condoms, beers, all evils acts and we dare say we are fighting corona?? Shameful!!! and demonic!!” ,posted Nungari

Residents complained of used condoms littering the area after the Sunday afternoon event. Also, there were loads of empty alcohol cans, cigarette filters and sex enhancing drugs sachets.

It is not clear whether the event was allowed by the local authority since such activities and gatherings had already been banned and administrative officers ordered to enforce the same within their localities.

Going by the video recordings and photos shared from the even, the group seemed to be a middleclass and of a possible closed social group. Attempt to establish the attendees for a possible interview did not bear any fruits.

See more images from the party:

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