I am going to mentor Victor until he becomes like me – Pastor Ng’ang’a

Controversial televagelist Maina Ng’ang’a has arguably, for the first time, hit the headlines for a good reason.

Ng’ang’a has been a friend of controversy due to his frequent outbursts with his church members, bloggers and anyone who rubs him the wrong way.

Some of those who has faced his wrath in the recent past include Citizen TV director, Linus KaiKai, Hip Hop musician King Kaka, Snoop Dogg etc.

Speaking yeaterday after church service, Ng’ang’a said that it was very disheartening to see a young talented young man going astray because of lack of Mentorship.

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“I have watched Victor severally and I can tell you that he has the spirit of God. The only thing he lacks is spiritual discipline.” Said Ng’ang’a

Victor has in the recent past faced the wrath of netizens everytime he appears on his many TV interviews.

Most Kenyans have accused him of arrogance and cramming his sermons. There has been an immense pressure on the established preachers to mentor the 10 years old boy.

“What the boy is doing is a deaperate call for mentorship. I am going to mentor him until he becomes like me. No one has faced and endured a lot of criticism like myself.” Said Ng’ang’a.

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