I am not a prophet but all those eating COVID-19 money will soon die -William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor,  William Kabogo Gitau has express his disgust and anger on those accused of embezzling funds meant to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on his widely followed Facebook page, Kabogo warned that those “eating” coffers meant to fight the pandemic would face the wrath of God.

“Wacha niwaambie nyinyi wakenya, yaani munakula pesa ya Coronavirus wakati watu wanakufa”( let me tell you Kenyans,  you are “eating” Coronavirus money when people are dying?”) Posed Kabogo.

William Kabogo addressing mourners |File Photo

Kabogo was talking in reference to the ongoing debate of possible misuse of funds donated to the Ministry of health to help fight the pandemic.

“Wacheni niwaambie, mimi si nabii na si mchawi, lakini wale wamekula pesa ya hii Covid mumelaaniwa. Yule aliwaroga mtakufa. Mtatembea uchi haki ya Mungu”

( let me tell you, I am not a prophet but you are cursed. All of you eating COVID-19 money will die. You will walk naked” angry Kabogo said.

William Kabogo addressing mourners|File photo


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On Friday afternoon, however, health Cabinet secretary, Mutahi Kagwe poured cold water on the claims of possible embezzlement of funds in the ministry.

Kagwe explained that the debate was based on lack of facts and misrepresentation of facts by a cohort of people aimed at intimidating him and his team.

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