I can’t help the poor, I am not their father- Controversial Pastor Paul Kuria (Man Kush)

Controversial preacher Pastor Paul Kuria of Joy Centre at the Bluesprings along Thika Superhighway has courted controversy yet again.

This time, the preacher was recorded during his sermon at a burial in a viral video.

The preacher who frequents TV shows due to his humorous nature, told the gathering that all the tithes in his church were his to eat and not share.

“Hata kabla nikuwe askofu nilikuwa na gari. Sasa utasema nilinunua gari na sadaka aje? Lakini ata nikapewa sadaka, mnataka nitupe?”.

(I bought my first vehicle even before becoming a preacher. How then can you say I bought my vehicle using church money. But again, would I throw away offering given to me at the church?), the seemingly agitated preacher said.

Kuria went ahead to state that the offerings were his alone and his family.

“Mimi sijui hiyo maneno ya ati kusaidia maskini na sadaka yangu. Kwani mimi ni baba yao? Si waombe mungu?” ( I don’t believe in sharing with the poor. Am I their father? Let them pray to God for help).

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This hasn’t rubbed most Kenyan the right way. The nature of his doctrine has been challenged by most Christians as an on-the-balance form of salvation which allows joking with the name of God.

Kuria who uses bible verses as a form of comedy has in the past had his minutes at a standup comedian during leading comedy show at NTV, the Churchil show.

The father of three doesn’t shy away from admitting that he doesn’t preach for people to get saved. He preaches to encourage people and teach them how to relate well with each other.

“My church is below a lodging. Those waiting to be attended by prostitutes upstairs are always part of my congregation”. The controversial preacher explained.

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