“I hadn’t received a kiss before I met my second wife”, John DeMathew’s new song badly exposes his first wife

The Late John DeMathew did what many men find it hard to do, and his accomplishments were flawless. During his death, it emerged that he had two wives, Sarafina Wairimu and second wife Caroline Waithera. According to John DeMathew’s mother his sons ought to marry two wives each.

It is the conduct of the two wives during the burial of the fallen legend that caused awe to many including the president Uhuru Kenyatta. President Kenyatta commended the two for portraying that it is possible to live peacefully as co-wives.

Most people however, read pretense and plastic smiles between the two women during and after the burial. What would follow was interview after interview by the two DeMathew queens where they exhibited a very closely knit relationship between them. The two would in almost all instances refer to each other as co-wive (Muiru).

It has emerged that all has never been well from the beginning. The smiles and praises they heaped on each other could be all plastic.

The late John DeMathew’s wives – Second wife Caroline Waithera (left), First wife Sarafina Wairimu (right)

In a song released by on March 20th and believed to have been composed and recorded by the late John De’Mathew, he heap a lot of praises on the second wife Caroline Waithera. He details a step by step journey of their love and finishes every stanza by a chorus indicating his desire to spend his finances(goats) to pay huge dowry to her.

On the other hand, John DeMathew laments mistreatment by the first wife. He for instance states that it was not ones or twice he would sleep in the vehicle and only go to the bed as a visit. In an emotional filled stanza, he states that his children would say hello to in the morning as he gets up from the vehicle he had spent the night in.

He further laments a lot of misunderstandings and mistrust met on him by the first wife. He claims that he would not stay in peace if he dared get to home late. This would lead to attacks on his faithfulness as a husband. His lateness would always be associated with promiscuity despite have been late from meeting with friends and fans.

The late John DeMathew’s wives (left) with Real Talk – Round Table host Tamima (right)

“It is not ones that I slept in the vehicle. My children would always say hello to me in the morning as if I was a visitor. Not ones that i have failed to be asked if my prostitutes have released me any time I came home late. Knowing to well the only person I Maina wa young-line and Njogu wa Nyawira” lamented De Mathew in the emotional song.

He however claims, this was brought to a stop by his second wife Caroline Waithera. DeMathew claims that he was deprived of intimacies during his stay with the first wife. He confesses that he only had his first kiss after he met Caroline. He admits he only knew love through Caroline.

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