I have tried to commit suicide twice, Njogu wa Njoroge’s second wife opens up on her painful past.

Songbird, Mary Lincon, has now spoken about her painful past that left her with suicidal thoughts.

The Gospel beauty, who is said to have left her marriage with businessman,Lincoln Kamau,  before being entangled in a relationship with media personality, Njogu wa Njoroge, spoke exclusively in an interview with Martin Janet.

Mary said that her struggle with what she believes was demonic spirits left her contemplating suicide.

In a show that was emotions loaded, Mary Lincoln claimed that she had unsuccessfully attempted to committed suicide twice.

Musician Mary Lincoln

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“Let me tell you Martin, I had even tried to commit suicide, not ones but twice. I took poison for two times but I think it wasn’t my time to die yet”, said emotional Lincoln.

The mother of three daughters said that the struggle she had with the mysterious diseases of her daughters led her to a suicide point. She explained that her firstborn had a weird health condition that made her appear deformed.

According to the singer,her daughter could not turn, walk, sit or even stand. This condition would keep her in hospital for a very long period.

“Martin, if I left my daughter sleeping on this side of her body,I could even travel to Mombasa and back and still find her on the same spot,same position”, said Mary Lincoln.

Her second born daughter would later go down with meningitis. This scared her so much since a street prophet had prophesied to her that she would lose something that cannot be bought with money.

After a two weeks stay at Kenyatta hospital, Mary Lincoln said that her daughter was fully healed. She however remembers the ordeal, with tearful eyes, as one of her painful moments.

“Even with my eyes closed, I would tell on which floor of Kenyatta hospital I was in. I had mastered the premise like the palm of my hand”, said Lincoln.

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