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Celebrated Gospel artist, Allan Aaron, has given valentines day a special meaning to his wife Shikuh by composing and releasing a love song dedicated to her.

Allan and his wife Shikuh have reportedly been not in good terms since the “Wimutheru” hitmaker jetted back from a trip to the USA. According to Shikuh, who narrated the separation story in an Interview with KDM, Allan cut off communications with her after a few months into his USA trip.

“He was very okay when he was leaving but after a few months, he started being too busy for me. He started acting funny.

He would not pick up my calls and whenever he did, he had very unkind words for me, after a while there was no communication as he had blocked me on phone and social media,” Shiku said.

The story would later trend for weeks with the celebrated musicians action of taking a TV set from his wife’s house while the kids were watching forming the biggest gist of the couple’s story.

“He appeared to our house unannounced and did not even greet me. He went straight to the bedroom and started packing his clothes. He also unmounted the television, leaving the children so stranded,” Shiku had said on the interview.

Allan Aaron and his family at the airport before he commenced USA music tour.
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The couple, however, now seems to have mend their leaks and gone back to their former love.

Though signs were there of the couple getting closer again, with Allan being seen very close to his kids and even attending their birthday parties at Shiku’s house, the move by Allan to record a love song for his wife was a surprise.

The romantically styled audio released on the eve of Valentine’s day showers praises on the wife with special recognition to the journey the two have scaled.

Whereas this will be a prayer answered for those who prayed for the couple during their rough drive in the past months, it will be an egg on the faces of those who celebrated the couple’s woes.

In one of the verses, Allan confesses that he now has a wife and can’t believe that the two are now together. He thanks God for bringing them back together through love.

“Babie I love you. I can’t believe that the two of us are back together. We have been brought back together through Love. These kids, and property are ours, me and you.”, says Allan Aaron in the song.

Watch the song here: https://youtu.be/4DVlsDzs-fA

In a fired up response, however, Ann Shiku has ordered the Musicians to pull down her photo used as a thumbnail to the song. Shiku claims the two are no longer together and therefore he has no right to use her photos without her consent.

“Allan kindly note that we are no longer together…. Gone are the days i used to be called yours. Kindly pull down that photo, you dont have authority to use it without my concent”, reads Shiku’s response on Allans video.

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