”I worked as a house-help in Thindigwa”- Shiru wa GP’s touching story

Mary Wanjiru Kiarie alias Shiru wa Gp is president Uhuru’s favorite Kikuyu Gospel artist. She is arguably the queen of Kikuyu Gospel music. She was born in Ngewa, Kiambu in 1983 where she schooled and grew. Being born of a single parent, she took her Uncles name Kiarie, a name they share with her cousin Sarah Kiarie (Sarah K).

Back in primary school, she wanted to become a dancer. She later went back to Kiambu and joined the A.P dancing group and formed Kiambu Chosen Generation Dancers.

She also started attending church service at the Independent Church. When she went back to Nairobi, she dedicated her life to Christ at Home Care Fellowship in Kahawa.

Her ability to dance as if she is ‘boneless’ saw her being nicknamed ‘Kanyoni’. This explains her excellent prowess in vigorous dancing in her performances.


Despite being saved at the age of 12yrs, she sometimes helped her mother to run her chang’aa den. She admits being arrested ones together with her ‘customers’. Later, she got a job as a house help in Thindigwa and Githurai 45.

One of her employers would give her the remaining food crumbs for supper only, with express warning never to step in the sitting room unless collecting utensils for washing. They later met while she was performing in a burial at Ol Karau. She worked as a house girl for 7 years.

Shiru wa GP with her daughter,Esther|PHOTO COURTESY

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The “Agiginyani” hit maker met her love of life Anthony Thuo alias Gods property (GP) while she was at the initial stages of her music journey. Her marriage wasn’t easy especially because she couldn’t sire children for over 8years of marriage. She later delivered twins amid complications.

Shiru endured an emotional time after giving birth to her twins, she lost one of them due to natural causes. The barely one-month-old baby Anthony Mwangi Thuo was buried at Mugumo in Kiambu. The other surviving twin (a girl) named Esther had to be attended to at the MP Shah hospital in Nairobi.


Well-wishers and fans contributed over 4M for her bills in a record 2hrs, with president Uhuru giving a personal contribution of 1M. She later lost one of the twins when he was barely a month old. As a way of appreciating her fans, she recorded “Mukunjuri guoko” song, thanking them for their generous contributions.

Some of her other songs include “ Nyungu ya Ngai”-God’s pot, “Mwako”-foundation, “Ihinda ria Kinya”-When days close, “Ndukanatire”, “Nduri wiki” – you are not alone, among others. She has also done collabos with different artists including Betty Bayo (Ūndahi) and L-jay Maasai (Ningukwambararia). Shas won numerous awards in different categories.


Her latest album “Irema”-scars, tells of the scars of life bruises that remind her of all she has been through. They remind her of the battles she has fought and the successes she has made. Despite all, she still maintains her smile and most importantly, unmatched energy to spread the Gospel through her songs.

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