It is not Diana’s age, it is Bahati’s juvenile behaviours that make him trolled-Opinion

Being a celebrity in Kenya comes with it’s own challenges. One needs to acquire a thick skin to withstand criticism and trolls from netizens. Kenyans on social media, particularly on Twitter, are known bullies across the world.

The head of state, Uhuru Kenyatta,  for instance, could not withstand the heat of social media and ended up deactivating his social media handles.

Gospel artist Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have learned this hard way. Theirs is baptism with fire. They have been trending for the past one week on Twitter as they were being placed on the roasting grills by netizens.

Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) were quick to dig into Diana Marua’s past photos. Some of the photos were of intimate moments with her previous partners.

Among those who were linked to Diana is harambee stars captain, Victor Mugumbi Wanyama. He is reported to have dated Diana for several years before she got married to Bahati.

Diana Marua with Victor Wanyama |COURTESY

It is, however,  the age difference between the celebrity couple that has formed the subject of trolls. Diana is reportedly older than Bahati. Bahati’s online juvenile traits making him even more prone to trolls in reference to age.

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But, here is the point, one only becomes subject of trolls because of their behaviour.  Netizens are generally reactionary.  Today, you will be their favourite and tomorrow they are on your case. They have no consistent favourites.

The only way to deal with the online bullies is doing your thing.  Bahati has not mastered this yet. He still believes he is the netizens favourite since they praised him as “mtoto wa mama” during his teenage days. He is not.


My advice to Bahati is to stop juvenile tantrums and focus on doing his music. I would recommend he spends a weekend with Nameless and Wahu, he could learn a few things.

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His atempts to justify how comfortable he is with his allegedly older wife are childish and unwarranted.  He should just focus on doing good music, grow his brand and focus on serving God. Pleasing masses is not part of goals to be achieved. It is impossible.

The other day, Bahati posts a video, on his widely followed Instagram, dancing dressed in his wife’s dress and shoes. Presumably, to prove a point. Another day, Bahati is on his wife’s back tied in a leso, in full glare of his son.

Gospel artist Bahati in a dress |Instagram photo

A male gospel artist can’t be dancing on dresses and expect not to be trolled. It is impossible to engage million of social media bullies in a justification contest. It is an equivalent of a wrestling match with pigs in the mud.

Music industry, just like politics, can be murky.  One needs to be careful on their image. The general belief that ‘no publicity is bad’ is actually wrong. Controversy can earn you money and name, but they drift you from the sole goal.

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