Kamotho Waiganjo: My wife, Ann Waiguru, is being targeted because she is a woman

Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo on Sunday night attributed Governor Waiguru’s tribulations to her gender. Appearring in TV interview alongside lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, Kamotho claimed the corruption accusations and impeachment motion were grounded on malice.

Kamotho who was the lead counsel for Ann Waiguru during the senate committee hearing the impeachment motion tabled by Kirinyaga county Assembly, accussed the MCAs of being used to settle political scores with the Governor.

“If one is keen,they would know that the impeachment was being driven by political players fighting Governor Waiguru. The tended questions are contractors trying to play dirty politics,” said Kamotho.

Kamotho pulled the gender card when lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, who was the county assembly’s counsel during the hearing, alluded to the fact that Waiguru was always in every corruption scandal in the offices she holds.

“Governor Waiguru is good at stage-managing the whole process and playing victim. Whenever an issue is raised, even the NYS issue, she played a victim,” Njiiru said.

Kamotho blamed the misogyny in the country that makes women victims especially when they appear to be too successful.

“If you understand the dynamics of Kenyan’s politics you will know that the easiest thing to put on someone’s head was an allegation of corruption and woe unto you if you are a woman and people think you are getting too much, and too ambitious,” Kamotho said.

Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru said the county Assembly will be moving to court on Tuesday to challenge the decision by the senate committee that did not find any grounds to impeach Governor Ann Waiguru.

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