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A Kenyan Woman living in Northern Ireland UK, has made it to the final of a new kind of pageant out of a record of entries in the UK, Miss/Mrs AfricaUK founded by Yanela Ntlauzana a born South African based in Manchester, who also competed in Mrs South Africa a few years ago.

The Pageant celebrates women in their unique femininity that goes beyond physical beauty, it celebrates women in their wholesomness irrespective of ( all sizes, shapes, heights and marital statuses) hence the name Miss/Mrs AfricaUK, debunking the stereotypes that do not match the everyday woman who is a Mother, wife, Entrepreneur, career woman, artist and so many other titles that women hold in the society. It rather focuses on character, impact to the community and how a woman’s stand in the community builds the future. Redefining the way beauty is defined in beauty pageants.

Anne, having a meal at a function in Nairobi, Kenya

Anne Njeri, is a 38yr old Woman who moved to Northern Ireland in a town called Armagh County in United Kingdom to join her husband in his country of origin and together they have a daughter, Anne has a background in Sales in the Fashion retail industry, Administration and cartography having worked in the energy industry for over 8yrs,her journey began in 2020,will continue into 2021 and beyond.

This is a journey along with the other beautiful, sophisticated and women from all over the UK and from different African countries, as finalists they have been attending virtual workshops to help them prepare for the journey ahead and the grand finale, many events have had to be cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic covid 19. It has been a journey of patience and resilience.

Anne, at the heart of Armagh County, the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the city, Northern Ireland, UK.

“I needed to do something different that will challenge me, and challenged I have been and thrown out of comfort zones, its an experience that has helped me grow, learn, re-discover and re-invent myself to reach greater heights and to know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s a journey that is helping me to serve more especially in form of getting involved with the communities and charitable deeds”, says Njeri

Njeri further says she knew deep down inside herself that she will learn, be inspired, empowered and seek purpose. As purpose is something that grows overtime and gradually through being pro active.

Anne visiting a Children’s Home in Ruai that houses over 97 children orphaned and abandoned living with physical and mental disabilities.

“I also believe representation matters and the more we get involved in different platform across the world like these, the more we are able to tell our stories and change the perspectives of how people imagine us to be, in that we are able to showcase our true authentic self and being away from prejudice. I have been excited to meet brilliant and phenomenal people from different African countries and also from UK ( the other contestants, AfricaUK team, partners, sponsors and guest speakers who take us through our regular workshops. Anne is pleased and honoured to represent Kenya in this pageant”, adds Njeri

Miss/Mrs Africa UK is not a standard beauty pageant organisation, but a real-life showcase of women in the UK. It is the first and only Miss/Mrs Africa UK pageant and is ready to compete alongside other leading brands in the industry. The program was created for African women, aged 30+ and based in the UK. These are women who would ordinarily not have such a platform to compete and be ambassadors on a global scale.

Anne, attending a traditional music event in Nairobi, Kenya.

The opportunities and platform that have been created for Miss/Mrs Africa UK entrants are significant in every way and truly creates a ripple effect across our beautiful country. Through the journey of Miss/Mrs Africa UK, women find themselves again and learn that they are never too old to follow their dreams and become voices of change.

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