Kibra Bi-Elections; Bedroom Matters

The passing on of Kibra MP Ken Okoth opened up the constituency to all manner of shenanigans in the name of campaigns. By the close of the campaign period on Sunday, it was apparent that it was going to be an election with deeply vested interests, not on the constituency level but on a national scale. However, this is not good news to constituents of Kibra as the leaders involved do not seem to have their interests at heart. This by-election is an example of everything that is wrong with the country’s leadership.

The heated race for the Kibra parliamentary seat has escalated over the last few weeks and is expected to culminate in a showdown at the polls on the 7th of this month. Much has been said by politicians who are not afraid of antagonizing the citizens along tribal lines in a constituency where tensions rooted around the same issue have been rife in the past.

This Kieleweke and Tangatanga business has taken on a new face where both sides have come out strongly to put forward their favored candidate despite the glaring lack of issues addressed. Neither of the two candidates has proposed tangible promises that will spearhead development in an area that greatly needs a visionary leader to spearhead its projects.

Surely Ken Okoth must be turning in his grave as he witnesses the pissing contest happening in his back yard. Yes, the country requires youthful; leaders to guide it into the future but not always is new blood good blood. The chieftains in this race have completely lost track of the issues and they will likely go to the extent of dirty backhanded methods to make sure the voters blindly tick off their candidate of choice at the polls on Thursday.

Members of this constituency should realize that there is life after the 7th and should vote wisely. The show that these politicians put on day in day out should have taught Kenyans by now that there are no permanent enemies. This said, it is the constituents who will be left reeling in their problems or even worse if they put into office a misleader instead of a leader.

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