“Kilimani mums and Chit chat are groups for househelps and babysitters “, Kiengei hits on Facebook pages over frequent ‘expose’

Popular Kameme FM morning show co-host, who also doubles up as a comedian with a live comedy show on Kameme TV, Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiengei, has now hit back on Facebook groups over what he claimed is continuous discussion of his social life.

Kiengei has been a subject of Facebook groups discussion after he separated with his first wife, former colleague at Kameme TV, Keziah wa Kariuki. He has also be associated with different ladies with an aim of potraying him as unfaithful husband.

A fresh round of romour being peddled in Kilimani and Chit chat groups linking him to another woman only indentified as “Bilha” could be what prompted him to respond. The romour was widely shared in Chit Chat group intimating the comedian could have had an affair with the said lady.

Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiangei wa Watoria

Kiengei took to his social media handle to condemn the group users over their obsession with his social life. He claimed that he is tired of being a topic of discussion on groups of babysitters and househelps and he needed to be promoted to be discussed by other serious individuals like Edgar Obare.

“Mungu baba niinue,Nibadilishie class unitoe chini kwenda juu,Baba nimekaa Kilimani Mums sana nimeboeka na chit chat Bwana niinue,Kuongelelewa na House girls na baby sitters inachosha Bwana ( Lord change my class of being discussed by babysitters and househelps at Kilimani and Chit chat) posted Kiengei.

He further asked God to put him in a class that he will be discussed by Edgar Obare. Obare has gained fame from his unmatched sleuthing amd exposing infidelity among celebrities.

Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiangei wa Watoria|Photo Courtesy

“Mungu inua Level yangu Haki ni connect na Edgar Obare…Hata kama ni ile udaku yangu na Muthoni Wa Kirumba atleast nidiscussiwe na watu wako na nyitiro na mwelekeo..Asante ukitimiza”(Lord lift me to a level that will connect me with Edgar Obare, Even though it is through that gossip with Muthoni wa Kirumba. At least I be discussed by serious people)

It is not clear, however, which romour he was referencing with his colleague Muthoni wa Kirumba who hosts mid morning show “canjamuka” with with witty comedian Mzee Kihenjo.

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