Laikipia University students develop a system that monitors spread and exposure of individual to COVID-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, youths have been called upon to come up with innovations to help control the spread of te deadly virus.

Back in Laikipia, a group of Fourth year students have heeded the call and have come up with one stop shop for all Covid-19 data.

When most of Kenyans remained holed up in there houses hoping something good will happen to bring the disease to an end, the group,  led by their leader, 22-year-old, John Mumo, jumped to the frontline in the battle with the Corona virus.

John Mumo, a computer science student at laikipia university is the Founder and CEO At TSCONECT LTD. Alongside two other Co-founders, Brian Mutiso Munywoki and Francis Warui Kinyuru have developed a Covid-19 information centric system curb this Pandemic, TSCONECT|COVID-19


This, the group beleives will play a big role in providing solutions to control COVID19 spread and equip individuals with adequate information on how to deal with the pandenic.

The system, according to John Mumo who spoke to Mkenya News on phone, is a web-based platform ( still working on the Android application) that displays Covid-19 statistics in real-time.

The system outlines global Total confirmed cases, total confirmed Deaths Total confirmed Recovered cases and Total Critical cases globally. consequently it lists all this data with Respective countries.

Users of the system will get global updates on all statistics on real-time. The system also acts as self-assessment platform where an individual knows if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

This is done tyhrough a 8 mutiple questionnare. The user has Answer the Questions genuinely with reference to how they feel and also with reference to their activities over the last 14 days.

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With Reference to user answers the Risk level is categorized as:
a) Low this shows you’ve not been exposed to the disease
b) Moderate this shows you could have been exposed to the virus or maybe you did the test under some influence.
c) Fairly High. here there could be chances that one got exposed to Covid-19 and they recommend urgent medical attention.

According to the young innovators, this session is customizable to even review other areas with specific questionnaire especially in knowing if people are staying home or not among other information that the government can use in curbing this pandemic.

Institutions can use this customizable assessment to get feedback on most critical areas that requeire urgent response.

Users of the system are kept upbeat with all terms that are being used during this period. It provides a directory of terms related to COVID 19 and their meaning. This helps users to understand the disease in a better way by making them understand terms currently being used in reference to the disease.

John Mumo, CEO and founder TSCONECT| photo COURTESY

The group of three has also compiled a list of all African countries Emergencies contacts as an easy way to allow users to access emergency medical care in their respective countries.

In a very unique way, the young computer scientists have provided a platform where users of their system get direct advise relating to Coronavirus. The massages and directives by respective countries government are displayed on the homepage. Further, the data is displayed and explained in terms of charts and graphs for easier interpretation and comparison.

The group says it has the capacity to come up with new inventions with support from the government. They are requesting the Government of Kenya to support them financially to make their platform more resourceful especially to Kenyans and in ACQUISITION of more advanced technology as we implement the idea of contact tracing.

Health instituions can partner with the young innovators in supporting them with Medical centric advice on the Pandemic among other diseases. Other bodies that can join hands with the team to help come up with more innovation and advance the TSCONECT ideas include the media, NGOs and other interested parties.
the media ,NGOS, Interested parties to fight this monster together.

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