Maina Kamanda blackmailed me during his visit at my home- Sankok gives details of his meeting with Kamanda

Nominated MP, David Sankok, has now disclosed what transpired during his meeting with Maina Kamanda when he visited his home in Narok.

Sankok, who was kicked out of powerful parliamentary committee just a few days after gifting William Ruto with a heifer, has accused Kamanda of blackmailing him.

In a heavily worded post, Sankok opined that Kamanda visited his home to threaten him with the aim of stopping him from supporting William Ruto.

According to Sankok, Kamanda told him that he would make his life miserable in Nairobi. He described himself, during the visit, as a combination of both the deep state and the system.

“You came to my home Kunitisha,youu threatened me that my life will be miserable in Nairobi because “wewe ndio deep State and system combine”,wrote Sankok

Kamanda further instructed the nominated MP to insult the Deputy president for him to be in good books with the system.

In addition to calling the Deputy president a thief, Sankok was instructed to visit the leader of opposition, Raila Odinga at his Capitol hill offices for further directions.

“You demanded that I must abuse the DP,
When I asked you how, you told me “Just call him a thief The Bible teaches us against false accusations Deuteronomy 5:20.You also demanded that I must visit capital hill office to be sanitized”, wrote Sankok

The nominated MP now associates his predicaments in parliament to his decision not to follow the instructions of Kamanda. He has promised to fight on and is ready to oay the ultimate price for his political stand.

“I took a sabbatical leave, a tactical retreat to write my Will, and now I am ready and willing to pay the ultimate price”, said Sankok

“I am unbowed, I am unshaked, I am stronger and I am firmly in support of Jubilee 2022 presidential candidate Dr William Samoei Arap Ruto EGH DP.
I am a hustler both by default and by nature”, added Sankok

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