Man beats up his mother in Migori for dating another man after his father’s death.

There was drama in Kamagambo, Migori county as a middle aged man was seen frogging and whipping his elderly mother.

According to witness, Mr Nyawade was angered by his mother’s decision to moving in with another man after his father died.

Nyawade’s father passed on two years ago after contracting tuberculosis. Mzee Mbogo left behind five sons with Nyawade being the youngest at the age of thirty one years.

Reports indicate his mother started seeing another man last year. According to Nyawade she had disgraced their family by setting again with a man younger than her.

“The man she is now staying with is the age of our eldest brother. How can she be married to a man the age of her son,” a furious Nyawade asked.

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Nyawade had just come back from Nairobi after an year of no visit. Upon reaching home, he didn’t find his mother and was only notified ny neighbours that his mother moved out to live with her new husband a little distance away.

It is at that point that he became furious and stormed his new “father’s” compound armed with a cane. He pulled his mother out of the house and started whipping her at the dismay of onlookers.

It took the intervention of villagers to stop the agitated Nyawade from beating his mother.

The elderly women sustained a broken arm and lost one tooth in the process of receiving a beating from her own son. Her wails and screams didn’t calm or deter the angered son from landing slaps and strokes of the cane on her.

She however claimed that she doesn’t hold any bad blood with her son and has since forgiven him. She attributed her son’s action to great love of her children to her.

“My son loves me so much and doesn’t want to be separated with me. His actions are as a result of great love for me and pain of losing me. I have forgiven him,” the woman explained amid sobs.

She promised not to get back to the new husband and followed her son home.

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