Man mutilates wife’s private parts with a knife for buying supper without explaining where she got the money.

Just like in a horror movie , 24 years old Prisca Ndotu, watched as hee husband dredged a knife into her private parts. This was supposed to a punishment for alleged infidelity.

Ndotu, as per the statement published by Nairobi minibloggers, was assulted by her 45 years old husband only indentified as Mwangangi. The two are married for six years.

Having been through a week of disagreement, the couple that resides at Kiangombe in Thika had seperated with Ndotu fleeing to another plot after Mwangangi reportedly strangled her.

On Monday, however, Mwangangi came looking for Ndotu with some goodies and a sizeable shopping. They reconciled and no violence was reported between the two on Monday.

Prisca Nduto | Photo COURTESY, Nairobi Minibloggers

It was only on Wednesday that Mwangangi is said to have started a fight with Ndotu for reportedly buying supper for her children without a proper explanation of where she got the money.

It is then that Mwangangi is said to have stripped her clothes off with a sharp knife. He later ran the sharp knife through her private parts before dredging it inside her inner of the privates. This happened as her child watched.

“He started by beating me up brutally before he strangled me. He then took a knife which he used to stab my private parts and later painfully squeezed it inside,” said Nduto.

In a lot of pain, Nduto fell unconscious and would later find herself in hospital having been rescued by neighbours who heard the commotion. The neighbours whisked her to safety before she was rushed to hospital by Kimuchu police station officers.

Prisca Nduto| Photo COURTESY, Nairobi Minibloggers

“I thought I had died and left my children but through the help of my neighbours and the police, I am alive again,” said Nduto

Nduto, who is now forced to use adult pampers to prevent any discharge from her private parts, wants justice to be served. According to Nairobi miniblogers, she wants her husband charged with attempted murder.

She further accuses him of having an affair with another lady who she believes wants her dead so that they can be together.

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