Man Of The Match.

Maybe you are a new fan or you just have never known what some terms in sports mean. today we will highlight the term ‘Man of the Match’. What does one have to do to get this title? when does it apply and in which sport is it used? Who picks the man of the match?

This is an award in team sports given to the most outstanding player in a match. Therefore, one cannot be awarded if they are the only person on the field like in sports like golf or tennis. Usually, the man of the match will be picked from any of the teams in the match but more often than not, is picked from the winning team.

This term can be used in Football, cricket, hockey, and rugby. In association football or soccer, the award will often be given to a player who scores a hat trick. It can also be given to a goalkeeper who stays calm under pressure and at the end of the math has kept a clean sheet. Players who have a great number of chances or created assists man also be awarded the man of the match award.

The player who gets the man of the match award is chosen by a television commentator or a match sponsor. This title may sometimes be unofficial and will only be termed as such on social media or sports shows. However, in the Premier League, a player is handed a small black and gold trophy for their stellar performance.

As you enjoy the weekend matches, you will understand what this term means and you will probably be able to predict who will be given the award at the end of the game.

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