Martin Janet and Grace Mwai accused of playing their songs many times during their shows

That media plays a great role in shaping the lives of the people is in doubts. That could the reason most people find themselves glued to their television sets listening and watching their favorite programs religiously. Most people watch TV for various reasons. While some watch for entertainment, others watch for educative purposes and other spiritual nourishment.

Complains have reached Mkenya News of two hosts on Gikuyu Vernacular TV stations that have been depriving their viewers enough entertainment and enough spiritual nourishment by monopolizing their shows with their own songs. The two who are Gospel Musicians and are hosts of Gospel shows have been accused of playing their songs many times, some time more than three times in a single show.

According to one viewer who requested anonymity, he has been trying to reach the management to know whether this acceptable but to no avail. He told Mkenya News that on many occasions, he has at a personal level voiced his concerns with on of the two hosts and his concerns blushed off.

Martin Janet who hosts a live band show every Sunday evening at Njata TV is accused of ensuring his plays his songs at least three times during the show. His song “Haria tumite”, for instance is said to be played every time the show starts. The host usually ensure he fixes the song in the band list of songs to be played since he is the lead.

Gospel Artist-Martin Wa Janet|FACEBOOK PHOTO

In what appears to a coordinated pattern, even the guest performers during the show also fix most of his songs in their performance. This according to the complainaants who have contacted Mkenya News, makes the show appear to be a one man show. His band includes talented pianist Mwangi wa Keyboard, Grace Mukuhi and musician turned Pastor Ibu wa Kayole.

Another host who we have recieved complaints on is TV beauty and talented Gospel artist Grace Mwai. The Nyeri born musician hosts a Gospel show at Mt Kenya TV every sunday morning between 9.00am to 1.00PM. During her show, she hosts musicians, pastors and other spiritual guidance personalities. She also has a music marathon with her co-hosT DJ Shark 254.

Gospel Artist, Grace Mwai and Dj Shark 254 at Mt Kenya TV studios|PHOTO COURTESY

Grace has been accused of playing her songs many times during the show. She is said to play the songs for than even four times during the show. One of the complainants said that her songs were played almost after every commercial break. To establish the correctness of the accusations, Mkenya News followed her program on Sunday 5th April 2020. During the 2 hours we followed the show, her songs were played a total of four times. We however, can not confirm whether their are any other of her songs played before or after our tracking period.

We made a comparison with other hosts both on radio and TV who are hosts of program that play the genres of the songs they have produced. We found out that hosts who are musicians usually play their songs at least ones during the show. Some also run their personal commercials during their shows especially promotion of their skiza codes and upcoming events. There are also accusations of paid for shout-outs by the some media hosts where individuals are given shout outs during the show and they pay for the publicity. We shall make a separate article on other accusations leveled against different Radio and TV hosts.

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