Meet Rev Charles Wachira, the Basilica’s priest shaking ladies’ ovaries

If you watched the Palm Sunday Mass broadcasted live on television from Holy Family Basilica on Sunday 5th April, you may have seen a light-skinned, kinky haired, fine, delicious young man who was among the clergy and particularly, he read the scripture of the events around the triumphant entry.

Well, his name is Rev. Deacon Charles Kariuki Wachira who is currently based at the HFB (Holy Family Basilica) Nairobi and is a personal aid to His Eminence John Cardinal Njue. He hails from Thika and immediately after being spotted, thirsty ladies commonly referred to as ‘fisilets’ went drooling on social media to express how they would like to have babies with him as he was making their ovaries shake.

Rev Wachira during the palm Sunday Mass|Photo courtesy

Some even confessed that they watched the mass just to see him as it was a rare opportunity, others admitting they had had a crush on him a long time.

In a post put up by one social media survey character ItsJamesMwangi on MADS ONLY group, facebookers promised that once Covid19 was over, HFB would better make space as they would make big strides (kanyaga kubwa kubwa) to the CBD based church just to see him live, take pictures and appreciate this God’s creation and maybe challenge his decision to priesthood as many claimed he may have been their rib (husband).

Rev Charles Kariuki Wachira| Photo Courtesy

In a post that has received more than 2000 active interactions, it came to light that Wachira was a humble and meek boy during his school days and his journey to priesthood was obvious. Droolers went on to unearth his account and flooded it with friend requests and within minutes, he had reached his limit, although not so active on social media, Wachira appears a tall, light skinned (rangi ya thao) handsome man from the pictures he has posted.

Though the cherry on top of the icing was his voice, droolers went on to praise it highly as very fluent and one that would literally unbutton their clothes and fall them to the ground, they said that it made them be glued to their seats, all the hairs in their bodies left standing as goosebumps willingly formed immediately he started speaking.

Some could not believe he is on his way to Catholic priesthood as one of the requirements would be to take a vow of chastity, never to marry, thus never to get intimate with any woman.

An undated photo of priest Wachira | Photo courtesy

To see him again, fisilets and fisis also tuned in to the live broadcast on His Grace Archbishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki just to watch Wachira again.


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