Men are not a poverty eradication scheme for lazy women-Pastor Kuria

Controversial city preacher Paul Kuria has stirred his pot of controversial advice. This time, Kuria was on women and how they should relate with their husbands.

According to him, men are not supposed to provide for their women who put zero efforts in gaining financial muscles. This is regardless of the man’s economic status.

The preacher argued that economic status of both spouses should be the first determinant of whether one would marry. Men therefore should not marry broke women.

Finding a marriage partner without first checking how stable is the biggest mistake any man can do. Kuria argued that thie would sink the man into a expenses ditch.

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“It is wrong for men to think that love alone can support a marriage. Without money, that marriage is just like a classroom relationship where people date with only pieces of cakes and roast maize to share” said the preacher

Kuria hailed the idea by the late Charles Njonjo to declare marriage by poor people illegal. He however added that also broke women should be barred from being married.

He therefore requested the nen in the congregation to consider moving out marriages where wives have zero financial muscle.

“You can’t be fighting to educate your children and also fight your wives poverty. Marriage should be about other things but not poverty”, added Kuria

This comes during a time when most marriages are currently being build on how much finances one has. Most marriages also have died at the high alters of lack of finances.

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