Men should not change their daughters’ diapers, it is a taboo- Bi Mswafari

Bi Mswafari, a seasoned family issues and marriage counsellor, has taken issues with the current trend of men helping in babysitting.

Speaking during saturday program after 7.00 pm News, she stated that it was wrong for  men to help in babysitting, however fashionable it may appear.

Bi Mswafari is not new to controversial advice. Most of her audience usually feel she is a bit old fashioned and not upbeat with the current parenting style.

She challenged the idea of fathers changing diapers of their daughters however young they may be. This has been avery common in the recent days with men assisting in changing their kids when the mothers are away or busy.

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“There nothing like the mother is busy. She should be available for her child. Leaving the small child with private parts exposed to be attended by the fathers is putting them to temptation”, said the witty counsellor.

She likened the small daughter to parents. This is because most of them are usually named after parents. She therefore believes that seeing them naked is like seeing their parents naked.

“Hao watoto ni kama mama zao. Kuwaona uchi ni vibaya. Wataharibika macho.( These girls are like their mothers. Seeing them naked is a taboo. They will lose their sight” said be mswafari.

One of the panelists, however, claimed that it was very fine for fathers to help in dressing their daughters upto a certain age.

He claimed Mswafari’s sentiments were based on old fashioned thinking and unnecessary fear. He further stated that as father, he has a responsibility to develop a closeness with his daughter and it can only be delivered through such small acts.

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